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Welcome to the Dream Interpretation Source, here to help you understand what your dreams mean. We already know several things about you. You recently awoken up from a dream and knew that there was a deeper meaning. You feel that you might be learning someone about yourself, but you don’t know what it means or what the significance is.

Dream Symbols and Meanings

Many people have dreams loaded with symbols, leading to more questions but don’t have a dream interpretation book to help understand what the dream actually means. Since God can use symbols to mean different things to different people, we have added several dream meanings for each entry. This should help you discover what the dream means, but ultimately it’s up to you to determine how the interpretation applies to you.

Dream Interpretation Forum

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What Does My Dream Mean?

Walk with us as we discover the meanings of dreams as they relate to you. Whether you feel there is a spiritual, religious or scientific connection - we try to cover all the basis.  No need for an expensive dream dictionary book or expensive therapy, most dreams have a simple explanation. This is the free dream interpretation book you have been looking for.

A Closing Note

Don’t forget to register for the forum (link in sidebar)! We’d love to hear what you feel some of these dreams mean. We’re looking foward to hearing your thoughts on other people’s dreams and helping you determine the meaning behind the dreams that you have. Thanks for visiting, and making the Dream Interpretation Source your home for dream meanings.